Michaela Wenzel

Assistant Professor at Chalmers, Biology and Biological Engineering, Chemical Biology

Michaela Wenzel a microbiologist interested in antibiotic mechanisms of action and bacterial mechanisms of resistance. Her group uses fluorescence and electron microscopy together with proteomic and spectroscopic techniques to study the interaction of antimicrobial compounds with bacterial cells with a focus on the bacterial cell envelope. The goal is to provide a deeper fundamental understanding of how antibiotics interact with bacterial cells and use this knowledge to develop more sustainable antibiotics and novel antibacterial strategies.Full list of publications available on Orcid.

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Membranaktive Antibiotika: neue Mechanismen gegen ein altbekanntes Ziel

Michaela Wenzel
BioSpektrum. Vol. 25 (6), p. 683-683
Journal article

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Antibiotic-induced amino acid release - A new antimicrobial strategy?

Michaela Wenzel Chemical Biology
Swedish Research Council (VR)


Interaction of antibiotics with bacterial cells

Michaela Wenzel Chemical Biology
Ann-Britt Schäfer Chemical Biology

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