Annemarie Wöhri

Coordinator at , Collaboration office

Annemarie Wöhri is coordinator for Chalmers' Energy Area of Advance (AoA), where she provides support to the management. In addition, Annemarie coordinates Chalmers’ strategic partnerships within the energy sector where E.ON, Göteborg Energi, Preem and ABB are the main collaboration partners.To equally address academic and industrial challenges, industry and researchers jointly initiate industrial research projects and set their priorities collaboratively. This partnership enhances the flow of knowledge in both directions, and is a key method of ensuring that research results are industrialized. However, in order to succeed, collaboration with industry requires partition of third parts such as organizations and the public sector as well. To generate a platform for knowledge exchange where all parts are welcome to join permeates the majority of AoA Energy´s activities. Working closely with the community, AoA Energy build the conditions for sustainable development, both locally and globally.


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Light-Induced Structural Changes in a Photosynthetic Reaction Center Caught by Laue Diffraction

Annemarie Wöhri, Gergely Katona, Linda C Johansson et al
Science. Vol. 328 (5978), p. 630-633
Journal article

Solvent dependent structural perturbations of chemical reaction intermediates visualized by time-resolved x-ray diffraction.

J Vincent, Magnus Andersson, Mattias Eklund et al
Journal of Chemical Physics. Vol. 130 (15), p. 154502-
Journal article

Lipidic sponge phase crystal structure of a photosynthetic reaction center reveals lipids on the protein surface.

Annemarie Wöhri, Weixiao Yuan Wahlgren, Erik Malmerberg et al
Biochemistry. Vol. 48 (41), p. 9831-8
Journal article

Structural dynamics of light-driven proton pumps.

Magnus Andersson, Erik Malmerberg, Sebastian Westenhoff et al
Structure (London, England : 1993). Vol. 17 (9), p. 1265-75
Journal article

Membrane protein crystallization from lipidic phases

Linda C Johansson, Annemarie Wöhri, Gergely Katona et al
Current Opinion in Structural Biology. Vol. 19 (4), p. 372-378
Journal article

A Lipidic-Sponge Phase Screen for Membrane Protein Crystallization

Annemarie Wöhri, Linda C Johansson, Pia Jeanette Hindrichsen et al
Structure. Vol. 16 (7), p. 1003-1009
Journal article

Picosecond calorimetry: time-resolved x-ray diffraction studies of liquid CH2Cl2

P Georgiou, J Vincent, Magnus Andersson et al
Journal of Chemical Physics. Vol. 124 (23), p. 234507-
Journal article

Lipidic sponge phase crystallization of membrane proteins.

Pia Jeanette Hindrichsen, Annemarie Wöhri, Arjan Snijder et al
Journal of Molecular Biology. Vol. 364 (1), p. 44-53
Journal article

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