Hang Yin

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When to use what data set for your self-driving car algorithm: An overview of publicly available driving datasets

Hang Yin, Christian Berger
IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems-ITSC. Vol. 2018, p. 1-8
Paper in proceedings

Mastering data complexity for autonomous driving with adaptive point clouds for urban environments

Hang Yin, Christian Berger
28th IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, IV 2017, Redondo Beach, United States, 11-14 June 2017, p. 1364-1371
Paper in proceedings

Continuous experimentation on cyber-physical systems: Challenges and opportunities

Federico Giaimo, Hang Yin, Christian Berger et al
XP 2016 Scientific Workshops; Edinburgh; United Kingdom;(ACM International Conference Proceeding Series vol 24), p. Article no 2962709-
Paper in proceedings

Adaptive message restructuring using model-driven engineering

Hang Yin, Federico Giaimo, Hugo Sica de Andrade et al
13th International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations, p. 773-783
Paper in proceedings

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