Zhaojun Li

Doktorand at Chalmers, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Polymer Technology



Energy-effectively printed all-polymer solar cells exceeding 8.61% efficiency

Y. B. Lin, Sheng Dong, Zhaojun Li et al
Nano Energy. Vol. 46, p. 428-435
Journal article

9.0% power conversion efficiency from ternary all-polymer solar cells

Zhaojun Li, Xiaofeng Xu, W. Zhang et al
Energy and Environmental Sciences. Vol. 10 (10), p. 2212-2221
Journal article

High-photovoltage all-polymer solar cells based on a diketopyrrolopyrrole-isoindigo acceptor polymer

Zhaojun Li, Xiaofeng Xu, W. Zhang et al
Journal of Materials Chemistry A. Vol. 5 (23), p. 11693-11700
Journal article

High-Performance and Stable All-Polymer Solar Cells Using Donor and Acceptor Polymers with Complementary Absorption

Zhaojun Li, W. Zhang, Xiaofeng Xu et al
Advanced Energy Materials. Vol. 7 (14)
Journal article

High Performance All-Polymer Solar Cells by Synergistic Effects of Fine-Tuned Crystallinity and Solvent Annealing.

Zhaojun Li, Xiaofeng Xu, Wei Zhang et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 138 (34), p. 10935-44
Journal article

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Zhaojun Li Polymer Technology
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