AntWay: Automated Next generation Transport Vehicle for Work Yard application
Research Project, 2014 – 2017

ANTWaY project aimed to do research within the complex work yard transport problem. This would involve developing systems for road vehicles that can adapt to be completely autonomous while at a site using continuous guidance information from the site control
system. The positioning of a vehicle, its safe path to follow to reach destination, shortest and drivable route calculation, are some of the technical development that has been addressed within this project. The objective within this project was to, design, implement & integrate a highly autonomous vehicle and a site control system.
Design and Setup a functionally safe implementation of a semi-controlled autonomous manoeuvring
truck for on-road application Integration of a highly autonomous truck to a shared work space with site control Implementation/Integration of Fully autonomous site controlled truck(s) for work yard.


Krister Wolff (contact)

Chalmers, Mechanics and Maritime Sciences (M2), Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems


Halmstad University

Halmstad, Sweden

Kollmorgen Särö AB

Mölndal, Sweden

Volvo Group

Gothenburg, Sweden



Project ID: 2014-01399
Funding Chalmers participation during 2014–2017

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