OPTIMIZE - Optimized CTMP processes
Research Project, 2022 – 2025

Purpose and goal
The purpose of the project is to develop an optimization tool for more even quality and reduced energy use. The optimization tool will be developed and evaluated at a CTMP pulp mill. The main goal is for the tool to be installed and used> 95% of the operating time of CTMP. The energy goal will be achieved by the tool enabling an increase in production. The saving potential is estimated to 25-50 GWh / year. The tool will also ensure a reduced quality variation corresponding to 50% of selected pulp properties (preferably fiber length, tip and freeness).

Expected results and effects
The result from the project will be an optimization tool that can be used by different staff categories in the pulp mill. The tool will provide a basis for: * Energy and pulp quality optimization * Production plannning * Optimization of the total electricity use * Controller tuning from a system perspective * Analysis of the impact of system disturbances throughut the process

Planned approach and implementation
The project is carried out in two main phases. I In the first phase, the interaction interface for the tool and the tool´s basic functions are developed. This is done iteratively in a series of interviews with the mill´s staff. I in the second phase, the functions are further developed to include production planning and an overall control strategy for the entire system.


Veronica Olesen (contact)

Chalmers, Electrical Engineering, Systems and control



Project ID: 2021-04926
Funding Chalmers participation during 2022–2025

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