SensAlg - A sensory foundation for increased consumption of Swedish macroalgae
Research Project, 2022 – 2025

Seaweeds are healthy and climate-friendly food raw materials with great opportunities from a sustainability perspective. In SensAlg, we will promote the consumption of Swedish seaweeds, by investigating their sensory opportunities and challenges.

The aim is to evaluate the sensory quality of three seaweed species; Ulva, Saccharina and Palmaria, as well as their potential for food product development targeting children and adolescents. Exposure is a key factor in promoting new sustainable foods, why development of tasty and healthy seaweed-derived foods that can be served in schools is crucial. Initially, we will investigate how sensory properties of the targeted seaweed species can be optimized through cultivation and different types of processing, to become attractive new raw materials for the food industry. Further, tasty and nutritious seaweed-derived products suitable for children and adolescents will be designed, and factors affecting their acceptance in the target group both in Sweden and in Europe will be revealed. The project is facilitated by a strong team of national and international experts in phycology, seafood science, sensory and consumer science, as well as partners in both the food industry and private non-profit actors. SensAlg will contribute with a completely new sensory foundation for how seaweed should be cultivated, processed and included in food in order to maximize acceptance and consumption among children and adolescents.


Ingrid Undeland (contact)

Chalmers, Life Sciences, Food and Nutrition Science



Stockholm, Sweden

Fisk idag AB

Göteborg, Sweden

Gastroba Utvecklings AB/VegMe

Lindesberg, Sweden

Nordic SeaFarm AB

Göteborg, Sweden

University of Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Sweden

Uppsala University

Uppsala, Sweden



Project ID: 2022-01912
Funding Chalmers participation during 2022–2025

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