Towards new intensity regimes - Studies in the generation and use of extreme field strengths
Research Project , 2013 – 2016

The realization of high-intensity lasers has changed the face of scientific endeavors in atomic and molecular physics. Taking the next step in the intensity ladder will imply equally great opportunities in the realm of electron- and hadron acceleration, generation of coherent high-frequency radiation, experiments on relativistic quantum physics and quantum field theory, and probing the low-energy frontiers of fundamental physics. The generation of intensities orders of magnitude above current lasers will not only enable new experiments, but also require a completely new theory and modeling development. Such a development will have to be based on a combined knowledge of laser-plasma physics, large-scale numerical computations, and quantum field theory. This application aims at producing such new tools for treating the physics required for understanding such environments, and to utilize this new understanding for proposing new experiments, applications, and technical developments in high-field physics. These novel tools will be of central interest to a large community, and they are likely to give rise to significant scientific progress


Mattias Marklund (contact)

Professor vid Chalmers, Physics, Condensed Matter Theory


Swedish Research Council (VR)

Funding Chalmers participation during 2013–2016 with 4,200,000.00 SEK

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