Modellering av global markanvändning för ökad förståelse av indirekta effekter av klimatpolitiska styrmedel
Research Project , 2012 – 2014

The project is about indirect, often unwanted, effects of climate policy, with a focus on land use and land-use change in response to an increased demand for bioenergy and a reduction of tropical deforestation (REDD+). The goal is to develop a series of transparent models for land use, to illuminate and analyze three issues: – How different climate policies affect the development of land and food prices, in the long and short term? – What effects would an increased demand for terrestrial bioenergy within one region have on land-use processes and greenhouse gas emissions in other parts of the world? – How does reduced emissions from tropical deforestation and degradation in one country (under REDD+) affect the emissions from such processes in other tropical countries outside the treaty.


Christian Azar (contact)

Full Professor at Chalmers, Space, Earth and Environment, Physical Resource Theory


Swedish Energy Agency

Project ID: 35901-1
Funding Chalmers participation during 2012–2014

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