Life cycle management – End-of-Life

The project investigates strategies to improve the life cycle sustainability performance of products through end-of-use management.  The project process involves:

  • understanding the current end-of-use status by reviewing and mapping the current product-material flows; 
  • assessing the potential for environmental improvement through end-of-use strategies for different product categories; and 
  • development of an end-of-use management strategy, involving remanufacturing, product-service offerings, recycling and others


Anne-Marie Tillman (contact)

Professor at Energy and Environment, Environmental Systems Analysis

Derek Diener

Doktorand at Energy and Environment, Environmental Systems Analysis


SKF Chalmers University Technology Centre (UTC)

Gothenburg, Sweden



Funding years 2011–2016

Related Areas of Advance and Infrastructure

Sustainable Development

Chalmers Driving Force

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