Ibridge - Efficient industrial bridge construction by integrating structural design and construction process

The purpose of this project is to develop and make bridge construction more effective. Recent advancements in important fields such as: materials science and technology, design and analysis methods, production techniques, as well as the rapid development in information and communication technology, have resulted in a vast potential to rationalise the construction process. In addition, these advancements raise the potential to renew the role of the structural engineer as well as the structural design process in order to reach a construction process that is effective and sustainable. The overall aim is to make the bridge building process more effective by integration of structural design in the building process. This will be achieved by: a derivation of criteria that defines an effective and sustainable building process, a study of the information and communication system in the building process, where Building Information Modelling (BIM) is especially interesting, studies and developments of the structural design process to promote productivity development, technical innovations and product development, for example regarding technical solutions and information modelling.


Mario Plos (contact)

Docent at Civil and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering

Daniel P T Ekström

Doktorand at Civil and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering

Karin Lundgren

Professor at Civil and Environmental Engineering

Rasmus Rempling

Forskare at Civil and Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering


WSP Sverige

Stockholm, Sweden


Swedish Transport Administration

Funding years 2013–2018

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Sustainable Development

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