Future design management: a pre-study on methods that can lead to faster and more effective design management
Research Project , 2012 – 2013

The main objective of the study is to study how the design process can be improved and to research current as well as new methods and techniques concerning communication and cooperation between different actors during the design process, in order to develop a more effective, faster and production adapted process. The goal is to study current problems in design as well as new possibilities for improvement based on research literature and interviews with different actors in the Swedish building industry.


Petra Bosch (contact)

Biträdande professor vid Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Construction Management



Solna, Sweden


Solna, Sweden


Solna, Sweden

Wäst-Bygg AB

Borås, Sweden


Development Fund of the Swedish Construction Industry (SBUF)

Funding Chalmers participation during 2012–2013 with 65,000.00 SEK

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Sustainable development

Driving Forces

Building Futures (2010-2018)

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