Safe future for Society and Business- Research and Innovation agenda for traffic and vehilce safety
Research Project , 2012 – 2013

Objective and Goal - Fulfillment The project´s purpose and objective was to gather Swedish actors with an interest in road safety around a broad common and agreed agenda, the SFIA. Further see how SAFER, within its fields, could further strengthen its innovation capacity. Both of these objectives have been achieved. There is an agenda, with a broad and strong group behind it, which can serve as the basis for a SIO-project. For SAFER concrete thoughts on how utilization and innovation can be further strengthened are identified. Result and Expected Effects - Outcome The project has resulted in the intended target a broad and agreed SFIA within traffic safety. The agenda work has been rewarding with important discussions with stakeholders representing various parts of and perspectives on the topic of traffic safety. The agenda is thus well known and established and can form a basis for an SIO-application. Notwithstanding this possibility, the work has meant a stronger network and recruitment of new stakeholders around SAFER as well as future traffic safety activities. For SAFER the project also means input to an increased utilization of R&D. Approach and Implementation - Analysis The project design and its implementation have given the desired outcome. Initially a number of workshops with different perspectives on traffic safety were conducted. These were analyzed in a smaller group, which also carried out internal workshops. Through the process continues tuning with individual key players was carried out, as well as linking with other agendas with related topics. A first draft of the SFIA was launched at a workshop. It was then put on ´referral´ to the agenda parties. Their comments were then handled and entered into the final now common and agreed agenda.


Anna Nilsson-Ehle (contact)

at SAFER, The Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre



Project ID: 2012-01969
Funding Chalmers participation during 2012–2013

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