Freight transport in lanes dedicated for public transport - evaluation and concept development
Research Project , 2015 – 2016

The City of Stockholm, PostNord, Chalmers Technical University and Sustainable Innovation wish to examine if it can be advisable, under certain conditions, to allow freight transports in public transport lanes. Can such measures be implemented without that the public transport’s punctuality is negatively affected? In that case, what does it mean for total transport accessibility and what will be the effects on fuel consumption and the environment? The area is relatively unexplored but it is likely that well designed solutions can reduce the urban transport energy consumption and emissions, while also transport costs could be reduced. A prerequisite is that the concept around the solution is developed, in terms of what kind of transport that should be allowed during which time frames and on which routes, so that the weighted impact is as positive as possible. In this context, solutions that dynamically take into account the current traffic situation are especially interesting.


Sönke Behrends (contact)

Forskare vid Logistics & Transportation



Solna, Sweden

Stockholms stad

Stockholm, Sweden

Sustainable Innovation

Stockholm, Sweden


Swedish Energy Agency

Funding Chalmers participation during 2015–2016

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