MIDWEST: Multi-fIdelity Decision making tools for Wave Energy SysTems

Wave energy converters (WECs) design currently relies on low-fidelity linear hydrodynamic models. While these models disregard fundamental nonlinear and viscous effects - which might lead provide sub-optimal designs - high-fidelity fully nonlinear Navier-Stokes models are prohibitively computational expensive for optimization. The MIDWEST project will provide an efficient asymptotic nonlinear finite element model of intermediate fidelity, investigate the required fidelity level to resolve a given engineering output, construct a multi-fidelity optimization platform using surrogate models blending different fidelity models. Within the MIDWEST project Chalmers leads the development of the asymptotic wave-body model based on Boussinesq theory, especially well suited for point absorbers. The work of MIDWEST will benefit industrial actors of the European wave energy sector as costly field testing can be reduced.


Claes Eskilsson (contact)

Forskare at Shipping and Marine Technology, Marine Structures and Hydrodynamics


Swedish Energy Agency

Funding years 2015–2018

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