Control of an electrified dual clutch gearbox

CEVT has taken on the leadership of developing a dual clutch gearbox, which is planned to be a central component in the fuel-reducing strategy of the Geely Group. Both as a highly efficient gearbox for conventional cars, as well as an electrified version for future hybrid driveline concepts. Now, CEVT see a need to start a second step by developing this gearbox further. Within the scope of this project, CEVT will thoroughly research the methods of controlling this electrified gearbox and also perform a first design study of a dedicated electrified dual clutch gearbox. The vehicles will use a combination of electrific drive and combustion engine for the purpose of optimizing efficiency and emissions.


Anders Grauers (contact)

Docent at Signals and Systems, Automatic Control


China-Euro Vehicle Technology (CEVT) AB

Gothenburg, Sweden


Swedish Energy Agency

Funding years 2015–2018

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Sustainable Development

Chalmers Driving Force

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