Mycelium Acoustics

The purpose of the "Mycelium Acoustics" project is to provide a solution for the noise level issues between the common kitchen and living room areas in one of the clusters in the HSB Living Lab using a 100% compostable, mycelium based bio-composite. To decrease the noise level, the material is applied in different ways: on the walls of the connecting spaces and as a barrier between the two rooms, partially filling the 3.5m × 3.5m opening. These panels are designed not only to fulfill the acoustical requirements but also to provide an aesthetic appearance. To measure the efficiency of the applied panels, a step by step application process is planned to quantify the added acoustical value of each installation phase.


Anita Ollár (contact)

Projektassistent at Architecture, Method

Jens Forssén

Docent at Civil and Environmental Engineering, Applied Acoustics

Shea Hagy

Projektledare at Building Technology

Christian Marx

Forskare at Building Technology


HSB Living Lab

Funding years 2016–2017

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