Shea Hagy

Projektledare at Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Technology

Shea Hagy is the Project Manager for the HSB Living Lab at Chalmers, an experimental research facility for the testing of sustainable technologies and living practices. The HSB LL will be built on the Chalmers campus in collaboration with HSB, one of Sweden’s largest housing cooperatives. The facility will house approximately 20-30 students. The HSB Living Lab is also part of a larger EU-funded project called the Climate-KIC Building Technology Accelerator Flagship where Shea works within the ’Next Generation Building Envelope Systems’ research group.




Mycelium Acoustics

Anita Ollár Method
Jens Forssén Applied Acoustics
Shea Hagy Building Technology
Christian Marx Building Technology
HSB Living Lab


Renew school

Holger Wallbaum Building Technology
Shea Hagy Building Technology
European Commission (EC)

There might be more projects where Shea Hagy participates, but you have to be logged in as a Chalmers employee to see them.



The Storyline for the design process that shaped the HSB living lab

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Co-creation in living labs

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Hygrothermal Design of a Prefabricated Wooden Facade Module for School Building Renovation in Sweden

Yutaka Goto, Shea Hagy, Holger Wallbaum et al
World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE 2016), August 22-25, Vienna (Austria)
Conference paper - peer reviewed

A living lab co-creation environment exemplifying Factor 10 improvements in a city district

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