Translating Research to Industry Tools: Validated Multi-Component Mineral Processing Simulator (P9Q)

The AMIRA P9Q Project is a three year program designed by the P9Q Research Partners in close cooperation with the P9Q Working Committee to validate and verify 12 – 18 mineral processing equipment models, depending on level of funding, which originated from the P9P Project. P9Q researchers will validate the models to a defined operational window and verify the outputs. The researchers will provide demonstration circuit simulations of four operational flowsheets in a matrix using four different ore types in the Integrated Extraction Simulator (IES) platform for uptake by sponsors at sponsor review meetings. These can be used by appropriately trained sponsors for varying ore conditions and flowsheet configurations using historic data with some additional analysis to establish operational range and capability.


Magnus Evertsson (contact)

Biträdande professor at Product and Production Development, Product Development


Hacettepe University

Funding years 2017–2020

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Funding years 2017–2020

University of Cape Town

Funding years 2017–2020

AMIRA International Ltd

Funding years 2017–2020


Funding years 2017–2020

University of Queensland

Funding years 2017–2020

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