Yeast cell factories for advanced biofuels and microbial robustness
Research Project , 2019 –

In this work package, an assistant professor in cell factory design will work (Yvonne Nygård), her main tasks in the work package will be to establish modular cloning platform, using CRISPR/Cas9 tools for industrial strains and new isolates. This tool-set will be novel and will modernize the approach we have to cell factory design. In this work package the main efforts are directed towards establishing and using the tool box towards microbial robustness, stress regulation and tolerance where the final aim is to ensure efficient cell factory performance in lignocellulose streams in different biorefinery set-ups. Furthermore, high-through put strain evaluation techniques will be developed, allowing surveying a large number of strains developed. The techniques will be adjusted to fit biorefinery applications. The tool box will be a foundation to move beyond the use of yeast as microbial platform.


Lisbeth Olsson (contact)

Head of Division at Chalmers, Biology and Biological Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology

Yvonne Nygård

Associate Professor at Chalmers, Biology and Biological Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology



Funding Chalmers participation during 2019–

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