Green manufacturing: Creating high strenght metal matrix structures-II (HybridSurd-II)
Research Project , 2020

HYBRIDSURF II intends to evaluate the potential of introducing a completely new approach for hard turning, where the disadvantages of the process i) control of (minimize) dimensional defects, ii) industry´s acceptance of surfaces with microstructural changes and iii) control of (or minimization) of surface residual stress is transformed into advantages. The purpose of the project is to use improved cooling strategies with modified cutting tools and process settings to create a high strength surface on the top layer during machining.

Potentially we will find a process window where we can reproduce the desired surfaces with good process data in order to develop the hypothesis into a full-scale project where we immerse ourselves in surface properties and its resistance to static and dynamic as well as thermal loads. The intention is to create surfaces that enable increased surface strength and reduced weight / fewer process steps and the introduction of hard warning on critical surfaces (long term).


Peter Krajnik (contact)

Professor at Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Materials and manufacture


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Göteborg, Sweden



Project ID: 2019-04869
Funding Chalmers participation during 2020

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