Asymptotic and Numerical Analysis of Charged Particle Beams.
Paper in proceeding, 2003

We study a model for a single particle moving through a homogeneous background medium. Starting with a transport process for the electron particles we derive ($i$) the Fokker-Planck equation using asymptotic expansions, (assuming small mean free path), then ($ii$) the Fermi equation by yet another asymptotic expansion assuming (in addition to small mean free path) small angular deviations. Finally ($iii$) we discuss some numerical solutions of a simplified 2-dimensional Fermi equation.

Asymptotic analysis

Fermi equation

Transport equation

Charged particle beams

Fokker-Planck limit


Mohammad Asadzadeh

Chalmers, Department of Mathematics

University of Gothenburg

Journal of Americam Institute of Physics, Proceedings of 23th RGD Symposium. Whistler, Canada, July 20-20, (2002)


Subject Categories

Computational Mathematics

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