Determination of the number and position of methoxyl groups in methylated aldopentoses by mass spectrometry of their trimethylsilyl derivatives
Journal article, 1968

A close analogy exists between the mass spectrometric fragmentation of fully methylated aldopentopyranoses and trimethylsilyl derivatives of partially methylated aldopentopyranoses. Hence, mass spectrometry of the trimethylsilyl derivatives permits a simple determination of the number and position of methoxyl groups in partially methylated aldopentoses. Reference substances are not necessary for identification. The method is useful in studies of the structure of polysaccharides.

Me3Si derivatives


methylation analysis


Göran Petersson

Department of Engineering Chemistry

Olof Samuelson

Department of Engineering Chemistry

Svensk Papperstidning

Vol. 71 3 77-84

Subject Categories

Analytical Chemistry

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