Herschel/HIFI discovery of interstellar chloronium (H2Cl+)
Journal article, 2010

We report the first detection of chloronium, H_2Cl^+, in the interstellar medium, using the HIFI instrument aboard the Herschel Space Observatory. The 2_12-1_01 lines of ortho-H\_2^35Cl^+ and ortho-H\_2^37Cl^+ are detected in absorption towards NGC 6334I, and the 1_11-0_00 transition of para-H\_2^35Cl^+ is detected in absorption towards NGC 6334I and Sgr B2(S). The H_2Cl^+ column densities are compared to those of the chemically-related species HCl. The derived HCl/H_2Cl^+ column density ratios, ~1-10, are within the range predicted by models of diffuse and dense photon dominated regions (PDRs). However, the observed H_2Cl^+ column densities, in excess of 10^13 cm^-2, are significantly higher than the model predictions. Our observations demonstrate the outstanding spectroscopic capabilities of HIFI for detecting new interstellar molecules and providing key constraints for astrochemical models.


D. C. Lis

J. C. Pearson

D. A. Neufeld

P. Schilke

H. S. P. Müller

H. Gupta

T. A. Bell

C. Comito

T. G. Phillips

E. A. Bergin

C. Ceccarelli

P. F. Goldsmith

G. A. Blake

A. Bacmann

A. Baudry

M. Benedettini

A. Benz

John H Black

Chalmers, Department of Radio and Space Science, Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics

A. Boogert

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C. Codella

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C. Dominic

M.-L. Dubernet

M. Emprechtinger

P. Encrenaz

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M. Gerin

T. F. Giesen

J. R. Goicoechea

F. Helmich

P. Hennebelle

T. Henning

E. Herbst

P. Hily-Blant

Åke Hjalmarson

Chalmers, Department of Radio and Space Science, Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics

D. Hollenbach

T. Jack

C. Joblin

D. Johnstone

C. Kahane

M. Kama

M. Kaufman

A. Klotz

W. D. Langer

B. Larsson

J. Le Bourlot

B. Lefloch

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René Liseau

Chalmers, Department of Radio and Space Science, Radio Astronomy and Astrophysics

S. D. Lord

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J.-M. Krieg

B. Delforge

Astronomy and Astrophysics

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Vol. 521 1 L9+- L9

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