A general solution to the Schrodinger-Poisson equation for a charged hard wall: Application to potential profile of an AlN/GaN barrier structure
Journal article, 2011

A general, system-independent, formulation of the parabolic Schrodinger-Poisson equation is presented for a charged hard wall in the limit of complete screening by the ground state. It is solved numerically using iteration and asymptotic boundary conditions. The solution gives a simple relation between the band bending and sheet charge density at an interface. Approximative analytical expressions for the potential profile and wave function are developed based on properties of the exact solution. Specific tests of the validity of the assumptions leading to the general solution are made. The assumption of complete screening by the ground state is found be a limitation; however, the general solution provides a fair approximate account of the potential profile when the bulk is doped. The general solution is further used in a simple model for the potential profile of an AlN/GaN barrier structure. The result compares well with the solution of the full Schrodinger-Poisson equation.

Two-dimensional electron gas



AlN/GaN heterostructures

Surface states

Schrodinger-Poisson equation


electric quantum limit

Band bending



Kristian Berland

Chalmers, Applied Physics, Electronics Material and Systems Laboratory

Superlattices and Microstructures

0749-6036 (ISSN) 1096-3677 (eISSN)

Vol. 50 4 411-418

Subject Categories

Physical Sciences



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