Strategies for Inernational Development in Knowledge Intensive New Ventures: Implications for Asian-European collaboration
Paper in proceedings, 2011

The overall question dealt with in this paper is how and why knowledge intensive entrepreneurial ventures (KIE) engage in international development. Based on five in-depth case studies, we illustrate that in addition to the well-known factors of internationalization, KIE ventures show a number of anomalies. This suggests theoretically and empirically that KIE ventures internationalise for different reasons and in different manners than as portrayed in International Business literature. We argue that such findings hold significant consequences for understanding future Asia-Euro collaboration, where traditional roles of European development versus Asian manufacturing are challenged.

knowledge intensive entrepreneurship



Astrid Heidemann Lassen

University of Gothenburg

Tomas McKelvey

University of Gothenburg

Dmitrij Slepniov

EASMA Euro-Asian Management Studies Association

Subject Categories

Economics and Business

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