Open Innovation as a Strategy for New Knowledge Intensive Ventures
Paper in proceedings, 2011

This paper serves to analyse how the strategies for development pursued by knowledge intensive (KIE) ventures are influenced by Open Innovation thinking. This is done through the development of a conceptual framework for analysing this relationship, and the application of this framework empirically through six in-depth case studies of KIE ventures. It is found that there is a very high degree of similarities between the KIE strategies and Open Innovation thinking. In particular the exchange, development, and application of knowledge generated externally to the KIE ventures is a strikingly similar feature.

open innovation

knowledge intensive entrepreneurship


Astrid Heidemann Lassen

University of Gothenburg

Tomas McKelvey

University of Gothenburg

MCPC 2011: Bridging Mass Customization & Open Innovation, San Francisco

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Economics and Business

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