New a posteriori error estimates for adaptivity technique and global convergence for a hyperbolic coefficient inverse problem
Journal article, 2011

The coefficient inverse problem for a hyperbolic equation is studied by using the two-stage numerical procedure consisting of the global convergence method and the adaptive finite element method. We obtain new a posteriori error estimates for the Lagrangian and for the unknown coefficient, which is important at the second stage of procedure from the computational point of view. The results are illustrated by numerical experiments. Bibliography: 23 titles. Illustrations: figures. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.


Larisa Beilina

Chalmers, Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics

University of Gothenburg

M. V. Klibanov

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

A. V. Kuzhuget

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Journal of Mathematical Sciences

1072-3374 (ISSN) 15738795 (eISSN)

Vol. 172 4 449-476

Subject Categories

Computational Mathematics



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