Integration of a Biomass-to-Hydrogen Process in an Oil Refinery
Paper in proceedings, 2012

In this article, the substitution of a fossil fuel-based hydrogen (H2) production unit with a biomass-based process in a large European refinery is studied. Pinch Analysis is performed and several cases are evaluated in terms of energy and CO2 balances. Integration opportunities yield an increase of the energy efficiency from 70 to 79 %. In addition to H2, a maximum of 77 t/h of HP steam or 21.8 MW of electricity can be exported to the refinery. Maximum potential for reduction of CO2 emissions amounts to 758 kt/y and is found when H2 and electricity are coproduced.

process integration


oil refining


biomass gasification

energy efficiency


Jean-Florian Brau

Industrial Energy Systems and Technologies

Matteo Morandin

Industrial Energy Systems and Technologies

Thore Berntsson

Industrial Energy Systems and Technologies

Chemical Engineering Transactions

22839216 (eISSN)

Vol. 29 1087-1092

Driving Forces

Sustainable development

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Energy Engineering

Chemical Process Engineering

Energy Systems

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