Numerical simulation of the transient aerodynamic phenomena induced by passing manoeuvres
Journal article, 2013

Several three-dimensional Unsteady Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (URANS) simulations of the passing generic vehicles (Ahmed bodies) are presented. The relative motion of vehicles was obtained using a combination of deforming and sliding computational grids. The vehicle studied is an Ahmed body with an angle of the rear end slanted surface of 30 degrees. Several different relative velocities and transversal distances between vehicles were studied. The aerodynamic influence of the passage on the overtaken vehicle was studied. The results of the simulations were found to agree well with the existing experimental data. Numerical results were used to explain effects of the overtaking manoeuvre on the main aerodynamic coefficients.


Unsteady Reynolds-Averaged

Unsteady aerodynamics

Passing manoeuvres

Overtaking vehicles



David Uystepruyst

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics

Sinisa Krajnovic

Chalmers, Applied Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics

SAFER, The Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre

Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics

0167-6105 (ISSN)

Vol. 114 62-71

Subject Categories

Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Advance




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