High-quality translation: Molto tools and applications
Paper in proceedings, 2012

MOLTO (Multilingual On Line Translation, FP7-ICT-247914, www.molto-project.eu) is a European project focusing on translation on the web. MOLTO targets translation that has production quality, that is, usable for quick and reliable dissemination of information. MOLTO’s main focus is to increase the productivity of such translation systems, building on the technology of GF (Grammatical Framework) and its Resource Grammar Library. But MOLTO also develops hybrid methods which increase the quality of Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) by adding linguistic information, or bootstrap grammatical models from statistical models. This paper gives a brief overview of MOLTO’s latest achievements, many of which are more thoroughly described in separate papers and available as web-based demos and as open-source software.


Olga Caprotti

University of Gothenburg

Aarne Ranta

University of Gothenburg

Krasimir Angelov

University of Gothenburg

Ramona Enache

University of Gothenburg

John J. Camilleri

University of Gothenburg

Dana Dannélls

University of Gothenburg

Grégoire Détrez

University of Gothenburg

Thomas Hallgren

University of Gothenburg

K V S Prasad

Chalmers, Computer Science and Engineering (Chalmers)

Shafqat Mumtaz Virk

University of Gothenburg

The fourth Swedish Language Technology Conference (SLTC)

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Language Technology (Computational Linguistics)

Computer Science

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