Structuring the Process of Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship: Empirical Evidence and Descriptive Insights from Eighty-six AEGIS Case Studies
Book chapter, 2015

This chapter provides insights about the process of venture creation, which is structured through a conceptual process model.These insights are based upon 86 case studies. We use the multiple independent case studies in order to draw out patterns, which are structured according to the model of the KIE venture and according to theoretical insights about opportunities. In doing so, the quotes provide insights about the views and perceptions of specific entrepreneurs. The focus here is upon the perspectives of the founder and of the venture, where ‘KIE venture’ refers to the new company, business project, or new organizational form.


design thinking




Tomas McKelvey

University of Gothenburg

Daniel Ljungberg

University of Gothenburg

Astrid Heidemann Lassen

University of Gothenburg

Malerba, F.; Caloghirou, Y.; McKelvey, M. and Radosevic, S. (2015). Dynamics of Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship: Business strategy and public policy


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