Highly efficient, complementary, resonant pulse generation
Patent, 1996

A power source, inductor and clamping device coupled to generate substantially sinusoidal drive pulses. The power source has an output capacitance. The inductor is connected to the power source and to the load to be driven. In combination with the inductor, the output capacitance of the power source and the input capacitance of the load to be driven create a resonant circuit which generates a stream of substantially sinusoidal pulses. A clamping device is connected to the inductor and prevents the stream of pulses which are driving the load from exceeding a clamping level. In one preferred embodiment, a complementary set of clamping devices and inductors are used to generate a complementary set of pulse streams.


William Athas


US5559478 (A)

US19950503169 19950717

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Computer and Information Science

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