Synthesis and functionalization of SSZ-13 as NH3-SCR catalyst
Journal article, 2014

Hydrothermal synthesis of Na-SSZ-13 using a low concentration of the structure-directing agent N,N,N-trimethyl-1-adamantanimonium hydroxide and functionalization of the SSZ-13 framework through the introduction of Cu and Fe via ion-exchange have been carried out. The prepared samples were characterized with XRD, SEM, UV-Vis, N2-sorption, XRF and NH3-TPD. It was found that relatively large iron oxide particles and well-dispersed cationic Cu2+ species are formed as a result of ion-exchange with iron and copper, respectively. Further, the catalytic activity for NH3 oxidation, NO oxidation and selective catalytic reduction of NOx with ammonia (NH3-SCR) was investigated both in absence and presence of water. The functionalization of the SSZ-13 structure enhances the catalytic activity for NH3-SCR significantly. Whilst the NH3-SCR activity is negligible for the Na-SSZ-13 sample, the Cu-SSZ-13 sample is highly active, especially at low temperatures, and for the Fe-SSZ-13 sample highest activity is shown at elevated temperatures.

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Environmental catalysis




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selective catalytic reduction




Alexander Shishkin

Applied Surface Chemistry

Competence Centre for Catalysis (KCK)

Hannes Kannisto

Applied Surface Chemistry

Competence Centre for Catalysis (KCK)

Hanna Härelind Ingelsten

Applied Surface Chemistry

Competence Centre for Catalysis (KCK)

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Applied Surface Chemistry

Competence Centre for Catalysis (KCK)

Magnus Skoglundh

Competence Centre for Catalysis (KCK)

Applied Surface Chemistry

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