A comparative study of multi-trailer articulated heavy-vehicle models
Journal article, 2014

This paper provides valuable guidelines on the selection of dynamic vehicle models for control algorithm development, design optimization and linear stability analysis for multi-trailer articulated heavy vehicles with active safety systems. The validation of yaw-plane and yaw–roll models of a tractor–two-semitrailer combination using the TruckSim software package is presented in this paper. A linear four-degree-of-freedom yaw-plane model and a linear seven-degree-of-freedom yaw–roll model of the vehicle were generated, compared and evaluated. The linear models of the multi-trailer articulated heavy vehicle yield numerical simulation results which are validated by comparing with those obtained from the corresponding non-linear TruckSim model. This paper also includes eigenvalue and frequency-response analysis of the linear models to estimate the unstable motion modes and to predict the unique dynamic features of the multi-trailer articulated heavy vehicle in the frequency domain. A benchmark investigation of the models was performed to examine the fidelity, the complexity and the applicability of the linear models.

directional performance

linear stability analysis

linear yaw-plane model

Vehicle model validation

frequency-response analysis

linear yaw–roll model

non-linear TruckSim model

multi-trailer articulated heavy vehicles


Manjurul Islam

Yuping He

Shenjin Zhu

Qiushi Wang

Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering

0954-4070 (ISSN)


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Mechanical Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

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