Utility of location: A comparative survey between small new technology-based firms located on and off Science Parks - Implications for facilities management
Journal article, 2006

This paper aims to highlight the role of facilities management (FM) for new technology-based firms (NTBFs) that are located on respectively off Science Parks. It incorporates FM as a contributory background element in the enhancement of the entrepreneurial environment, which is one explanatory factor of the superior performance and growth of NTBFs located inside Science Parks. Differences in location preferences between on and off park NTBFs are brought into evidence in this paper by means of an extensive quantitative survey. This resulted in the finding that the proximity to university is especially signi ficant among NTBFs inside parks. Furthermore, infrastructure has high significance in both groups whereas significance of facilities cost differs in range of significance. In a model it is argued that FM indirectly contributes to beneficial scenarios for interaction, interfirm relations and networks that can be found particularly in Science Parks. A discussion and a set of hypotheses in the conclusive part link FM and location issues to the performance for NTBFs. © 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

entrepreneurial environment

facilities management





Paul Dettwiler

Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Service Management and Logistics

Peter Lindelöf

University of Nottingham

Hans Löfsten

Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Industrial Dynamics


0166-4972 (ISSN)

Vol. 26 4 506-517

Subject Categories

Civil Engineering

Economics and Business



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