Initial-boundary value problems in irregular domains for nonlinear kinetic equations of Boltzmann type.
Journal article, 1999

Geometric properties of domain boundaries and properties of the reflection operator for well-posedness of boundary value problems and existence results for kinetic equations in the case of irregular domains are investigated. The results guarantee global solvability in L 1 of boundary value problems for the nonlinear Povzner kinetic equation in domains with finite Hausdorff measure of the boundary and a cone condition.

irregular boundaries

Boltzmann equatio


Alexey Geynts

Department of Mathematics, Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

University of Gothenburg

Leif Arkeryd

University of Gothenburg

Department of Mathematics

Transport Theory and Statistical Physics

0041-1450 (ISSN) 1532-2424 (eISSN)

Vol. 28 2 105-134.


Basic sciences

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Mathematical Analysis

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