Energy efficiency along the value chain – ways of working for increased competitiveness
Report, 2015

This report presents a project with the aim to develop methods for large companies on how to work with energy efficiency that stretches along the value chain. By studying organizational conditions and physical effects on energy and climate for six cases in three companies, recommendations are given to businesses and governments on how to work for increased life cycle energy efficiency. The results point to a range of organizational and economic challenges, but also to enablers. Four strategies for progress were identified: A) Find and share the life cycle benefits, B) Enable and encourage understanding and action, C) Get focus and priorities in line, and D) Seek or create a way forward. The study points to the need to be strategic, and to translate this strategy into priorities and operational work. Yet, it must be recognized that life cycle thinking is not the work by one company and there is a call for cross-actor arenas to discuss and develop governance of value chains beyond the act of single companies.


value chain

life cycle thinking

energy efficiency

organizational practices



Birgit Brunklaus

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Environmental Systems Analysis

Katarina Lorentzon

Driving Forces

Sustainable development

Areas of Advance



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Social Sciences Interdisciplinary

Environmental Management

Economics and Business

Energy Systems

Environmental Sciences

Climate Research

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