Robust power allocation for OFDM wireless network localization
Paper in proceeding, 2015

Reliable and accurate localization of users is critical for many applications in wireless networks. In range-based localization, the position of a node (agent) can be estimated using distance measurements to nodes with known positions (anchors). Optimal power allocation of the anchors reduces positioning error and improves network lifetime and throughput. We formulate and solve a robust power allocation optimization problem with a constraint on the localization accuracy for multicast and unicast orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signals. The localization accuracy is expressed in terms of the expected squared position error bound, accounting for uncertainties in the wireless channel as well as in the agents' positions. Simulation results show that robust power allocation improves localization accuracy compared to non-robust power allocation, with only a limited power penalty. © 2015 IEEE.


A. Shahmansoori

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)

G. Seco-Granados

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB)

Henk Wymeersch

Chalmers, Signals and Systems, Communication, Antennas and Optical Networks

2015 IEEE International Conference on Communication Workshop, ICCW 2015

718-723 7247266
978-1-4673-6305-1 (ISBN)

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Communication Systems





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