Expectations and Challenges from Scaling Agile in Mechatronics-Driven Companies - A Comparative Case Study
Paper in proceeding, 2015

Agile software development is increasingly adopted by companies evolving and maintaining software products to support better planning and tracking the realization of user stories and features. While convincing success stories help to further spread the adoption of Agile, mechatronics-driven companies need guidance to implement Agile for non-software teams. In this comparative case study of three companies from the Nordic region, we systematically investigate expectations and challenges from scaling Agile in organizations dealing with mechatronics development by conducting on-site workshops and surveys. Our findings show that all companies have already successfully implemented Agile in their software teams. The expected main benefit of successfully scaling agile development is a faster time-to-market product development; however, the two main challenges are: (a) An inflexible test environment that inhibits fast feedback to changed or added features, and (b) the existing organizational structure including the company’s mind-set that needs to be opened-up for agile principles.


Christian Berger

University of Gothenburg

Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Agile Software Development (XP 2015)

978-3-319-18611-5 (ISBN)

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Software Engineering



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