Discrete Gain-Scheduled Controller Design: Guaranteed Cost and Affine Quadratic Stability Approach
Paper in proceeding, 2013

Our paper deals with discrete gain-scheduled controller design which ensures closed-loop stability and guaranteed cost for all scheduled parameter changes which lie in closed set Ω. The novel procedure is based on Lyapunov theory of stability, guaranteed cost from LQ theory and BMI. The class of control structure includes decentralized fixed order output feedbacks like PSD controller. Numerical examples illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

controller design

decentralized control

structured controller

Gain-scheduled control

MIMO LPV systems


Adrian Ilka

Slovak University of Technology Bratislava

Vojtech Veselý

Slovak University of Technology Bratislava

Proceedings of the International Conference on Innovative Technologies IN-TECH 2013, Budapest, Hungary 10.-13.09.2013


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Control Engineering

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