An examination of the main factors affecting trust-commitment in supplier dealer relationships: An empirical study of the Swedish wood industry
Journal article, 2000

The research examines the importance of a set of underlying variables, such as willingness of the supplier to adapt to the dealer, built-up relationship bonds, costs of terminating the relationship, level of shared values, formal and informal communication between the participating parties, opportunistic behaviour by the supplier and perceived level of satisfaction in the relationship, for achieving high trust and commitment within a supplier-dealer relationship. Data for the analysis are generated from 114 purchasing managers at Swedish lumber dealers, an industry where collaborative relationships are not very developed, but considered necessary for future success. Methodology is described and results are discussed. Concludes that companies trying to achieve high trust and commitment relationships, should create high satisfaction relationships, be decreasing their opportunistic behaviour, adjusting to the needs of the other part, and developing shared values.


lumber industry



supplier relationship


M. Zineldin

Patrik Jonsson

Department of Transportation and Logistics

TQM Magazine

0954-478X (ISSN)

Vol. 12 4 245-265

Subject Categories

Production Engineering, Human Work Science and Ergonomics



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