Long-range mutual synchronization of spin Hall nano-oscillators
Journal article, 2017

The spin Hall effect in a non-magnetic metal with spin–orbit coupling injects transverse spin currents into adjacent magnetic layers, where the resulting spin transfer torque can drive spin wave auto-oscillations. Such spin Hall nano-oscillators (SHNOs) hold great promise as extremely compact and broadband microwave signal generators and magnonic spin wave injectors. Here we show that SHNOs can also be mutually synchronized with unprecedented efficiency. We demonstrate mutual synchronization of up to nine individual SHNOs, each separated by 300 nm. Through further tailoring of the connection regions we can extend the synchronization range to 4 μm. The mutual synchronization is observed electrically as an increase in the power and coherence of the microwave signal, and confirmed optically using micro-Brillouin light scattering microscopy as two spin wave regions sharing the same spectral content, in agreement with our micromagnetic simulations.

Electronic and spintronic devices Magnetic devices Spintronics


Ahmad Awad

University of Gothenburg

Philipp Dürrenfeld

University of Gothenburg

Afshin Houshang

University of Gothenburg

Mykola Dvornik

University of Gothenburg

Ezio Iacocca

University of Gothenburg

Randy K. Dumas

University of Gothenburg

Johan Åkerman

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

University of Gothenburg

Nature Physics

1745-2473 (ISSN) 17452481 (eISSN)

Vol. 13 3 292-299

Subject Categories

Physical Sciences



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