Partial Capture of Carbon Dioxide from Industrial Sources - A Discussion on Cost Optimization and the CO2 Capture Rate
Conference contribution, 2017

This work discusses the cost optimal capture rate of absorption based carbon capture processes by a combination of process simulations and cost-estimation. The influence of the quality of the CO2 source (quantity, continuity and CO2 concentration) and the availability of low cost heat on the absolute and specific capture cost are highlighted. The results stress that partial capture of CO2 could lower the specific capture cost (€/ton CO2) and that the relation between capital expenditure and lowered energy demand should be reconsidered for cases with access to low-cost heat.

Industrial capture

Partial capture

Carbon capture

CO2 emissions


Fredrik Normann

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Energy Technology

Stefanìa Òsk Gardarsdòttir

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Energy Technology

R. Skagestad


Anette Mathisen


Filip Johnsson

Chalmers, Energy and Environment, Energy Technology

Energy Procedia

18766102 (ISSN)

Vol. 114 113-121

Subject Categories

Mechanical Engineering

Energy Engineering

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