On the conformal higher spin unfolded equation for a three-dimensional self-interacting scalar field
Journal article, 2016

We propose field equations for the conformal higher spin system in three dimensions coupled to a conformal scalar field with a sixth order potential. Both the higher spin equation and the unfolded equation for the scalar field have source terms and are based on a conformal higher spin algebra which we treat as an expansion in multi-commutators. Explicit expressions for the source terms are suggested and subjected to some simple tests. We also discuss a cascading relation between the Chern-Simons action for the higher spin gauge theory and an action containing a term for each spin that generalizes the spin 2 Chern-Simons action in terms of the spin connection expressed in terms of the frame field. This cascading property is demonstrated in the free theory for spin 3 but should work also in the complete higher spin theory.

Conformal and W Symmetry

Higher Spin Symmetry

Chern-Simons Theories


Bengt E W Nilsson

Chalmers, Physics, Theoretical Physics

Journal of High Energy Physics

1126-6708 (ISSN) 1029-8479 (eISSN)

Vol. 2016 8 142- 142

Subject Categories

Subatomic Physics

Physical Sciences


Basic sciences



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