Equivalent temperature based comfort zone study under task/ambient conditioning system
Paper in proceeding, 2016

To study thermal comfort under task/ambient conditioning (TAC) system, equivalent temperature (EQT) index was used to evaluate local and overall thermal sensation under non-uniform thermal environment. From the “human subject test in a mockup office”, local thermal sensations and equivalent temperatures under different stimulated conditions were collected. It is found that thermal sensation and equivalent temperature have a good linear relationship. EQT comfort zone of the TAC in non-uniform environment was drawn through the fitting method. The findings are of significance on the design and operation of TAC system.

Equivalent temperature,Thermal sensation,Evaluation index,Comfort zone

Task/ambient conditioning


Yuting Ren

Lin Duanmu

Quan Jin

Chalmers, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Building Technology

The 14th International Conference of Indoor Air Quality and Climate

978-0-9846855-5-4 (ISBN)

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Civil Engineering

Building Technologies

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