Quan Jin

Researcher at Chalmers, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Building Technology

Quan Jin is a researcher in sustainable building at the Division of Building Technology, research group Sustainable Building and in the Area of Advance Building Futures. Quan works with building environment and facilities on test, modeling, concept and product to improve buildings’ sustainability and energy efficiency performances in different climate zones. Main interests are related to indoor environmental quality in offices regarding occupants’ comfort, health and productivity as well as in residential buildings, thermal comfort and energy efficiency of low exergy and personal heating and cooling systems, eco efficient district solutions of renewable energy use and district heating.

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Development of the ASHRAE Global Thermal Comfort Database II

Veronika Földváry Ličina, Toby Cheung, Hui Zhang et al
Building and Environment. Vol. 142, p. 502-512
Journal article

Research Roadmap for Intelligent and Responsive Buildings

Derek Clements-Croome, Amirhosein Ghaffarianhoseini, Ali Ghaffarianhoseini et al

Laboratory study of subjective perceptions to low temperature heating systems with exhaust ventilation in Nordic countries

Quan Jin, Angela Simone, Bjarne W. Olesen et al
Science and Technology for the Built Environment. Vol. 23 (3), p. 457-468
Journal article

Smart and Sustainable Offices (SSO). Showcasing a holistic approach to realise the next generation offices

Antonio Cobaleda Cordero, Ulrike Rahe, Holger Wallbaum et al
Informes de la Construccion. Vol. 69 (548), p. 1-10
Journal article

Relationship between Human Thermal Comfort and Indoor Thermal Environment Parameters in Various Climatic Regions of China

Lin Duanmu, Xingwei Sun, Quan Jin et al
Procedia Engineering. Vol. 205, p. 2871-2878
Paper in proceedings

Equivalent temperature based comfort zone study under task/ambient conditioning system

Yuting Ren, Lin Duanmu, Quan Jin
The 14th International Conference of Indoor Air Quality and Climate
Paper in proceedings

Assessments of indoor environmental quality on occupant satisfaction and physical parameters in office buildings

Quan Jin, Holger Wallbaum, Thomas Leiblein et al
The 14th International Conference of Indoor Air Quality and Climate
Paper in proceedings

Experimental study of thermal sensation and physiological response during step changes in non-uniform indoor environment

Quan Jin, Lin Duanmu
Science and Technology for the Built Environment. Vol. 22 (2), p. 237-247
Journal article

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Climate-KIC Building Technologies Accelerator – Smart Sustainable Offices (SSO)

Holger Wallbaum Building Technology
Ulrike Rahe Design and Human Factors
Quan Jin Building Technology
Antonio Cobaleda Cordero Product Development
Melina Forooraghi Building Technology
The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

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