Climate-KIC Building Technologies Accelerator – Smart Sustainable Offices (SSO)

A smart and sustainable office incorporates all three dimensions of sustainability – economic, environmental and social, providing better performance than a conventional office.


Higher work productivity and optimized office space by improving diverse interactions of office design, building design and building systems and their effects on occupants with regard to energy performance and carbon savings as well as health and well-being.

Achieving higher work performance of employees by improving comfort (including thermal, acoustic, lighting, air quality) in offices and by introducing work-patterns adapted design solutions that put the occupant into focus.


Holger Wallbaum (contact)

Professor at Building Technology

Antonio Cobaleda Cordero

Doktorand at Product and Production Development, Product Development

Melina Forooraghi

Projektassistent at Building Technology

Quan Jin

Doktor at Building Technology

Ulrike Rahe

Professor at Product and Production Development, Design and Human Factors


The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

Funding years 2014–2019

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