Fire resistance for low-rise housing in the tropics: Test results for bamboo-based construction systems
Paper in proceedings, 2016

The use of round bamboo as load bearing member for low-rise housing is an interesting alternative construction method for tropical regions. Similar to timber engineering, a predictable fire resistance is a requirement for its legal approval and application at scale. The research presents fire test results on selected bamboo-based construction systems developed in Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Tests were conducted in Indonesia according to the National Standard SNI 1741, which is referring to ISO 834-1 and JIS A 1304. Different bamboo wall cross-sections were tested in specimens of 1050mm by 1050mm and evaluated according to insulation, integrity and mechanical resistance criteria. All specimens received a rating of 60 minutes resistance. The research provided a general understanding of the system response and highlighted critical variables of the wall system, which can be transformed into design recommendations.


Corinna Salzer

Chalmers, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Building Technology

Holger Wallbaum

Chalmers, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Building Technology

L. Tambunan

Institut Teknologi Bandung

Proceedings WCTE 2016 - World Conference on Timber Engineering, Vienna

978-390303900-1 (ISBN)

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Building Technologies



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