3D printing emphasizes and broadens university programs in physics
Paper in proceeding, 2017

A new development in our department is that students in physics and teacher training now learn CAD and 3D printing. The teaching is based on a very brief introduction, after which the students will create final products that are later shown to other students and teachers during an exhibition. To further deepen the understanding and maintain the creativity of the students, a room with 3D printers all day accessible is provided. The students learn CAD and 3D printing well. In addition, the students use CAD and 3D printing in advanced experimental courses in physics where they benefit from creating different accessories to experimental setups. The students have also formed their own club for 3D printing to support other students, to produce creative solutions, and to test business ideas. This development has provided the first steps toward a maker movement environment in the teaching lab. We strongly believe in this concept.

3D printer




Magnus Karlsteen

Chalmers, Physics, Condensed Matter Physics

Jonathan Weidow

Chalmers, Physics

Jonas Enger

University of Gothenburg

Lars Hellberg

Chalmers, Physics, Chemical Physics

AAPT Meeting: 2017 Winter Meeting: Atlanta, Georgia WM17

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